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ada mandala is a web developer and a gamedev sleeper agent.

after earning a bachelor's with honors in philosophy and mathematics, they decided to pursue software development as a career. they have been creating web and desktop applications since 2016 and pursuing philosophy on the side.

they enjoy building interfaces that are intuitive, tactile, and visually appealing.

ada has been a software engineer for 5+ years, working primarily in entertainment. they have worked with Roll20 to bring an original IP to life. they have worked with various indie game developers on web, mobile, and desktop projects. they have worked with Disney to bring ESPN+ to the PS5, which included working with a PS5 dev kit. most recently they have been employed at Prospective, a startup with a $1M seed fund which brings real time data analysis to scale using Rust and WASM.

in their spare time they developed an interactive graphics engine called sundile_rs, which runs natively and on the web using WebGPU (see gfx).

they have worked across the stack and adapted to many different frameworks and languages (PHP, TS, JS, Rust; Angular, React, Yew, custom frameworks; PostgreSQL, MySQL).

they have been praised as insightful and diligent by their peers. they are highly motivated to learn, and are constantly expanding their horizons.

their philosophical interests include buddhist conceptions of mind, aesthetics, critical theory, logic/semantics/semiotics, and thought from the early 20th century.